• Mobile Vision

    Mobile Vision (2)

    Learn how to apply 3D vision technology in applications like collision awareness & area surveillance.
  • AS-i

    AS-i (7)

    Uncover the safe, easy & cost optimized benefits of the AS-Interface.
  • Condition Monitoring

    Condition Monitoring (5)

    Easy fast track modules and in-depth courses covering condition based monitoring of plants & assets.
  • Identification

    Identification (2)

    In this course we will learn how we can achieve more transparency in your system by automatic identification & data capture, UHF RFID Systems & Code readers.
  • IO-Link

    IO-Link (5)

    In this course, we will show how to unlock the benefits of IO-Link technology to integrate into your PLC. With a special module for Smart Factory Workshop.
  • IoT Consultancy Services

    IoT Consultancy Services (1)

    In today's day & age, technology has advanced to a point where it can be really overwhelming what, where & how to implement and use them.
  • Mobile Control Systems

    Mobile Control Systems (14)

    Learn how to use modern PLCs & Displays through CODESYS programming platform and integrate these devices with CAN, CANOpen & J1939.
  • Industrial Vision Systems

    Industrial Vision Systems (2)

    Uncover the fundamentals of industrial imaging by learning to program and configure our vision sensors for recognition and assessment of objects and scenes.
  • Functional Safety

    Functional Safety