“Adi, thank you for IFM’s continued first class support that is given to Elphinstone at short notice. This is appreciated and does not go unnoticed given the time constraints and pressure that is impressed upon the Elphinstone E&E team.”


“Eugene, I’m really pleased that you and IFM have worked with us to identify and resolve the root cause, for everyone’s sake.
The difference between average suppliers and great suppliers is when ‘things go wrong’. Great suppliers gather, analyse, consider and remediate ‘problems’ as they value the relationship they have with their customers. Average suppliers tend to run and hide.
Eugene, you are demonstrating to us that you and IFM are a great supplier and value healthy business relationships. For this, we thank you and are available to work collaboratively to solve.”


“Syed, this accuracy issue on the cr2052 frequency input was holding up on one of our R&D project.
After your training, this issue was sorted and the project was back on track, I really appreciate and value the training”,


“Freddie, Just a quick note to say thanks so much for your presentation in IoT Consultancy yesterday. It was excellent – was at just the right level of detail for the audience.
I am very keen to push adoption of better tank instrumentation in the wine sector, so keen to collaborate going forward where opportunities arise.”


“Lee, following our training session, I have been running the PLC program since this morning and haven’t had any issues. Great support and very insightful one to one training mate!”